The Mirror: An Artist’s Secret Weapon To Level-Up!

Leveraging a Mirror in Artistic Practice

Using a mirror is not just a traditional technique; it’s a transformative tool in art. It provides an alternate view of your work, helping identify issues in proportion, symmetry, or composition.

Seeing the Bigger Picture

Viewing your work in a mirror offers a broader perspective, allowing you to assess the overall balance and composition of your piece effectively.

Combatting Artistic Fatigue

Long periods of focusing on your work can lead to a lack of objectivity. A mirror provides a fresh perspective, helping you see your work with new eyes.

The Traditional Tool for Self-Portraits

Mirrors have long been used by artists for self-portraits. They allow you to be both the creator and the subject, adding a unique dimension to your work.

Enhancing Artistic Skills

For art students and professionals alike, a mirror is a valuable tool for developing a critical eye. It encourages an objective assessment of your work.

Practical Use

Whether handheld or wall-mounted, ensure your mirror is easily accessible in your studio. For digital artists, flipping the canvas in software can serve a similar purpose.

Incorporating a mirror into your artistic practice can significantly elevate your skills, offering a brutally honest perspective that is essential for artistic growth.


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