Commissioning a Painting

Immortalizing Memories Through Art

Creating a custom portrait of your treasured horse, pet, or family members is an extraordinary way to capture their spirit and keep memories alive. As an artist specializing in realistic portraits, I am committed to crafting personalized paintings that vividly showcase the unique personalities and relationships of your beloved companions and family. My portfolio includes everything from detailed facial portraits to full-body representations, set against backgrounds ranging from minimalist to complex landscapes that reflect meaningful places or experiences.

My Approach to Photography and Composition

I prefer to take my own photographs for the portraits and have a keen eye for capturing the essence of the subject using light and shadow to create the perfect composition. This approach allows me to ensure that the photos reflect the ideal angles, lighting, and atmosphere to translate into a beautiful painting. However, if it’s not possible for me to take the photographs myself, I can work with images provided by you, provided they are of high quality and capture the subject well.

Tailored Artwork for Diverse Needs

These custom pieces are perfect for adding a personal touch to your home or business, and make heartfelt gifts for occasions like awards, retirements, or as special artwork for event promotions. Whether it’s a portrait of a beloved pet, a family member, or a majestic horse, each painting is created with deep care and precision.

Commissioning Process: Personalized and Collaborative

To commence your commission, I’ll either take photographs myself or use those provided by you. My experience in photography enables me to capture the perfect image that will translate into a stunning portrait. The photographs should accurately represent the subjects, capturing them in settings or scenarios that are meaningful to you.

Pricing of Commissions

The price of each commission is based on the size and complexity of the artwork. My gallery offers a glimpse into the range of my previous works, giving you an idea of the pricing structure. Framing, which I select in consultation with you to match your style preferences, is an additional cost.

Booking Your Commission

Given the bespoke nature of these portraits, I prefer to discuss the details with you directly, either in person or over the phone. For artworks intended for specific events or occasions, it’s advisable to reach out 6 – 12 months in advance.

Payment Schedule

  • A 50% deposit is required at booking.
  • The remaining 50%, along with GST and any applicable shipping charges, are due upon completion.
  • Note: Framing costs are extra.

Each commissioned piece is not just a painting; it’s a collaborative journey that results in a timeless work of art, capturing the very essence of your loved ones, pets, or horses in a way that resonates deeply and personally.